Faux Fur + Minky

We love Minky and faux fur fabrics, they're soft and cozy making them perfect for baby blankets, coats, robes and all things cuddly. Our love of products made with Minky and faux fur doesn't always translate to our enjoyment of sewing with them because they can be a bit tricky and messy.  The wonderful makers listed below make sewing and quilting with Minky a lot more fun with their great tips and tricks! 

Sew Very Easy

You know that favourite teacher you had in high school, the one who could explain anything to you in a way that you could understand? Laura A. Coia brings that teaching talent and her 45 + years of experience to her sewing and quilting videos on her YouTube channel Sew Very Easy

One of our fave playlist's of Laura's is her "Sewing with Shannon Fabrics Fur/Cuddle/Cotton etc." where she provides wonderful tips, tricks and project ideas that make look forward to our time spend at the machine with Minkys and faux furs.