Sulky Poly Deco | 40 wt | Pastel Peach (1017)

Sulky Poly Deco | 40 wt | Pastel Peach (1017)

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Add Pizazz to every project where you are going to see thread on top!  40 Wt. Poly Deco thread is a top quality 100% polyester embroidery thread. It is shiny, strong and colorfast.

It is perfect for appliqué and embroidery on work clothes, children's clothing, sports clothes, or any garment that will bleached or washed frequently.

Recommended Needle Size: 12/80 or 14/90 Embroidery Needle

Length: 250 yards

Fiber: 100% Polyester 

Helpful Hints
  • Since 40 Wt. Poly Deco has more stretch and memory than Rayon, the top tension might need to be adjusted, and the amount of stabilizer(s) needed could be different than when using rayon thread. It is important to not over tighten the tension in order to avoid overstretching the polyester and ultimately creating puckering once it relaxes. However, a top tension that is not quite tight enough could lead to looping on the reverse side. Test first before changing your top tension.
  • Thread breakage while doing machine embroidery can be caused by designs that are improperly digitized, causing stitches that are too long, and/or jerky hoop movements.
  • To make a baby quilt, a toddler quilt, or one for teenagers and college-age kids, quilt it with Sulky Poly Deco to still get the shine close to Rayon plus the added durability of Polyester.
  • All Sulky thread spools have at least one "snap spool" end - including the King Size, Maxi-Spools, and Jumbo Cones. Gently lift up the end with your thumb, release the thread, then snap it closed. To secure the thread when your sewing is completed, gently lift the end with your thumb, wind the thread into the gap, and snap it closed.